After the dazzling success of Wrap bracelets, here is our new concept, the ROSARY bracelet.


This one, in three parts, is entirely realized by the hand and can be carried also in necklace.


Fine stones are cut by hand, separated by natural hematite, the links that make up the middle part are in gold.


We find the DNA of the brand in the way of wearing it: 3 turns for the wrist, but also, a great novelty, it can turn into a beautiful necklace.


The medallion is 925 silver, engraved with the Vintage Wrap logo.

This ROSARY jewel is made of natural stone, QUARTZ CHERRY

with its positive energies and warm color, citrine can soothe and tone the body and mind. It helps to find a inner serenity, to promote concentration, to stimulate intelligence, good humor and creativity.

It also has the power to ward off negative influences, nervousness, anxieties and stress.


Size of the stone: 3 mm

For all wrists.


79,00 €

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