Natural stones, pearls and leather :) 

100% hand made

258 glass beads Miyuki

110 natural stones

1 engraved clasp

+ 4 hours of patience for make it !!

              Your cuff is anti allergic

Your WR∆P VINT∆GE is unique. 


It is because we choose natural stone with unique highlights and we take great care with the quality of our production

that your cuff WRΔP VINTΔGE is a unique creation.

Entirely handmade, we weave pearls in  a unique and meticulous way to get the best finish with the final product.

 Our natural materials

THE SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES are all natural and hand cut.

( Africa, Peru, Canada, Guatemala, India, the United States, Mexico )


Names stones :

Tiger eye, labradorite grena, white quartz, jasper, rock crystal,

onyx, smoky quartz, agate, jade , piryte, coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli,

pink and white quartz, turquoise from Africa, coral pink and hematite.


THE GOLD and SILVER BEADS are made of brass. 

( Brass is a material used and is anti-allergic )

THE LEATHER natural.

( United Stades )


THE MIYUKI beads are in glass.

( Japan )



( Japan )


THE CLASP is made of stainless steel and is anti-allergic. 

Many websites will tell you about the virtues of stones.